Corporate Information



We have been involved in the manufacturing of measurement gauges for approximately 50 years since the initiation in April 1948.
Since 1963, we have mainly manufactured flow rate measurement gauges.

Additionally, we are manufacturing parts of shield machine of major heavy industry manufacturers, hydraulic pressure-related parts of major machine manufacturers, and parts for protecting voltage inverters of major heavy electric manufacturers.

Measurement of flow rate is necessary for comprehending and controlling quantities that are directly linked to manufacturing activity such as production volume of product, amount of raw materials usage, and consumption of energy (steam, fuel, etc.).

It is also necessary for maintaining and managing the water and sewerage disposing facilities, transportation of liquid, business transaction, and monitoring the discharge of pollutant, in addition to manufacturing activity.

On the other hand, there are various targets of flow rate measurement; gas, liquid, steam, powder and granular material. Furthermore, a lot of materials such as high-temperature and high-pressure steam, ultra low-temperature liquefied gas, slurry liquid (liquid containing much solid), pulp liquid, concentrated sulfuric acid, caustic soda, deep etching liquid such as plating liquid, high viscosity fluid such as kneading candy and grease cannot be measured easily.

The flow in conduits such as sewage and factory disposal that have open water surface, the air flow, and the flow of powder and granular material in open spaces are also targets of flow rate measurement, in addition to liquid and gas that flows in pipe lines.

It is necessary to cover a wide variety of flow rate; minute flow rate of a few cc/min, flow rate in large-diameter pipe of 3m, gas flow rate in 6m-square duct, flow rate of large conduit and river.

We are developing and manufacturing various flow meters in order to meet such a wide range of market requests.