Orifice flow meter

A simple structure that attaches a flow
rate indicator to the corner tap orifice
realizes superior cost performance
and low-cost flow rate measurement
even for large bore.
Various types of flow rate indicators
are lined up to meet wide-ranging needs.

  1. Can select either digital indication or analog indication.
  2. For relay output, up to two contacts are available.
  3. Various output signals such as analog signal and HART communication function are available.
  4. If power supply cannot be ensured, the analog indicator type or the digital indicator is supported by a built-in battery type.
Type ODF
Fluid to be measured Liquid, gas (however, for corrosive fluid, please contact us)
Bore Wafer connection, flange connection
15A to 100A : JIS 5K/10K/16K/20K/30K FF/RF
1/2” to 4” : ANSI#150Lb #300Lb
Maximum use pressure Max. 2.0MPa (standard product) (for high pressure, please contact us)
Temperature of fluid -10~70°C(standard product)
Accuracy F.S. ±5%
Installation location can be installed outdoors <IP65> (however, please avoid direct sunlight)
Material of main unit SS400,SUS304,SU316,SUS316L etc.
Material of plate SUS304,SUS316,SUS316L etc.
Remark *If you are worried about pressure loss, please contact us.
*Both horizontal piping and vertical piping can be used.
*Drain for drainage can be installed.
Example of use *Cooling water line by purified water, industrial water, coolant liquid, etc.
*Gas line of air, nitrogen, etc.
*General process line